Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well, we are of course in free fall now. What's not done is frankly not done, will be done in the nick of time or well, won't be done at all. It has been (dare I say it) rather exciting this week. Lots of people signed up to sell and a bit of a buzz (stop it ladies!) about our event. Well, at least until Camilla told me that the competing event seemingly is selling itself as somewhat posher (apparently some Mothers from the dragons or some dragon mothers, can't remember which!) are putting in their ever so POWSH clobber in there. Little do they know hey girls - we've Royalty darlings!!!!

I KNOW I did talk about a preview but frankly darlings where does one start - there just seems to be a cornucopia of luscious items ( myself included - although money can't buy me - well I say that and well everyone has a price don't they?). So decided you HAVE to be there.

Oh and another thing I must report - DEE DEE (Georgie's gorg mum) you totally live up to expectations and you SO have to come or I so have to invade your beach pad, darling!!!

Anyhow, I am rambling - well definitely!

Back tomorrow with more..................


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Get you with your Jimmy Choo!

Oh goodness me darlings things have got rather overwhelming. Well, we've got some fabulous stuff and we reckon right now that we'll have about 1,500 plus items of clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes, hats, lights, lamps, pictures, chairs, tablecloths, bed linens, things of gorgeousness in general! And let me tell you if you are reading this blog - if anyone actually is - that if indeed you are following me then you'll get an exclusive glimpse of what's on sale! I am planning a little preview of a few choice items!!! Oh and the Jimmy Choo - there's a gorgeous one up for grabs at just £30! ( I just hope I can hold off from buying it myself before the day).

See you all on 6th March xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

We really do have some vintage

We really had a fantastic response this week. Remember to register if you want to sell - call Sue on 01865 400241 or e-mail me at whatthisoldthingdarling@hotmail.com

But well it really will be vintage darling.......

We collected some fabulous vintage pieces, including a good as new (in fact really hardly used) vintage Gucci handbag, a classic Jean Muir evening jacket, some really amazing hats, kid gloves, more original vintage bags and more really high quality clothing.

We know we've got some great stuff coming and hope to give you all a sneak preview before the sale!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Oh Dee Dee...Dears, here we go!

Well, we are up and running ladies. The good news is that yes the phone is ringing and between you and I we've even had a call today from someone with a title (can't say more than that darlings) with an offer of some proper vintage stuff! The bad news is that the dynamic Dee Dee (Georgia's gorgeous mum) can't make it on the day but Dee Dee you'll be there in our hearts and minds darling (oh and so too will some of her fab fashion and home items!).

The other near miss this week was that I lost my mobile. For those of you that know me, you will understand that leaving the house without it on me is akin to me going out without a decent support garment! Anyhow, the good news is that my phone was recovered on a dirt track where it had been lying the entire night in a pool of mud - miraculously it works!!! Anyhow, enough about me - more about "What, this old thing darling!"

So what's been happening this week......well, no other miracles that's for sure but we've all been busy busy. I have been producing all the promotional stuff, crikey that's taken some time but nearly there. Georgia and Ruth have been out in the playground today spreading the word and have begun handing out the promotional leaflets. Great reactions from everyone! We've already signed up 10 sellers in no time at all! I also met with my very good friend Marie who makes gorgeous (how many times can I use this word!) felt and fabric accessories. She's coming along on the day too with some fabulous (tha's another one I will be using often) felt decorations for Easter, your loved ones and the home. Don't forget to get that date in the diary ladies!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fabulous Ladies Clothes and Homewares Nearly New Sale

What, this old thing darling!!

Welcome to our blog, darling!

Well ladies, me Sue ("Wallis" - I have my own label don't you know! ), Ruth (The "Hart" of Northern Ireland's fashionistas) and Georgia (a real head "Turner") are holding a fabulous nearly new clothes, accessories and home wares sale:

On Saturday 6th March, at The Neighbours Hall in Great Milton
From 10.30am til 1.00pm

In brief darlings, it's all about quality nearly new clothes and vintage stuff, fab accessories from handbags to shoes and gorgeous home wares. The great news too is that we will also be raising lots of money for Children with Leukaemia! (an extra reason to enjoy a shop)

HOW IT WORKS...... we will sell your stuff on your behalf and you get back 85% of the profit! For more information call Sue on 0774 8653336 - REALLY it's ever so easy to sell, all you need to do first is register (for which there is a £6 cost to cover admin etc)
before the 21st February 2010.