Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well, we are of course in free fall now. What's not done is frankly not done, will be done in the nick of time or well, won't be done at all. It has been (dare I say it) rather exciting this week. Lots of people signed up to sell and a bit of a buzz (stop it ladies!) about our event. Well, at least until Camilla told me that the competing event seemingly is selling itself as somewhat posher (apparently some Mothers from the dragons or some dragon mothers, can't remember which!) are putting in their ever so POWSH clobber in there. Little do they know hey girls - we've Royalty darlings!!!!

I KNOW I did talk about a preview but frankly darlings where does one start - there just seems to be a cornucopia of luscious items ( myself included - although money can't buy me - well I say that and well everyone has a price don't they?). So decided you HAVE to be there.

Oh and another thing I must report - DEE DEE (Georgie's gorg mum) you totally live up to expectations and you SO have to come or I so have to invade your beach pad, darling!!!

Anyhow, I am rambling - well definitely!

Back tomorrow with more..................